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About this blog

Citizen Comfort is a 24/7 health guide portal with an ambition to promote healthy and good living for all citizens in all stages of life by providing professional health information, tips and guides. 

Our editorial content is guided by our desire to guide our audience to live healthily in all spheres of life. Our style of writing is deliberately simple, non-technical, non- mechanical. Focus area:

1. Pregnancy - conception process; fetus development; trimesters; pregnancy care& anti-natal; immunization etc. 

2. Birth - labor; birth defects/congenital problems; maternity facilities; labour accidents; neo-natal management etc.

3. Infancy/ Pediatrics – child care and care givers; teething problems; nutrition; cognitive development; congenital defects/ disabilities; drugs; preschoolers; febrile challenges etc.

4. Adolescence/ Teenagers – hyperactive management; socialization/ peer pressure; storms and stress; libido control; identity crisis; cognitive development etc.

5. Adult/ Marriage ages - work hazards; socio-economic status health issues; marriage/spousal issues; vehicular traffic health issues; life styles and health; health insurance; debts; retirement etc.

6. Old Age/ Geriatrics - Ageing; Senescence management; family welfare; senility; geriatric ailments management; social service; immobility complications; geriatric drugs; dying & death

7. Health Tips

8. Health rights Education

9. Health News Break