COVID 19: Delta Variant Twice Dangerous- Report


A study report says the Delta Variant of Corona Virus, first noticed in India, is 50 percent more infectious than the previous dominant Alpha Variant of the virus that emerged from Kent and twice as likely to land patients in hospital.


A study comparing the two shows those infected with the Delta strain are 2.26 times more likely to be admitted to hospital and 1.45 times more likely to see people entering A&E needing emergency treatment.


Scientists said the outcome of the study, undertaken by Public Health England and Cambridge University, is more proof that the same traits which make the Delta Variant spread faster also increase levels of the virus in those it infects, which results in them becoming more severely ill. Scientists say the result of the study should be used by hospitals to plan – especially in areas where the Delta variant is on the rise.


Commenting on the study results, Dr Zania Stamataki, a viral immunologist at Birmingham University, said: ‘Taken together with previous studies showing that Delta is 50 per cent more infectious than Alpha, evidence mounts that we are dealing with a very dangerous variant.’


Some 74 per cent of the participants in the study – which was published in the journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases – were unvaccinated.


But among the vaccinated – the vast majority of whom had only had one dose – those infected with the Delta variant may have had almost twice the risk of hospitalisation compared with those who had the Alpha variant.


Dr Anne Presanis, a senior statistician at the university, said: ‘Our analysis highlights that in the absence of vaccination, any Delta outbreaks will impose a greater burden on healthcare than an Alpha epidemic.

‘Getting fully vaccinated is crucial for reducing an individual’s risk of symptomatic infection with Delta in the first place and, importantly, of reducing a Delta patient’s risk of severe illness and hospital admission.’

The study report monitored on Mail Online says hospital staff are being overwhelmed as Delta surges across Southern US.

CDC: Delta Variant from India a ‘variant of concern’ Credit WebMD

 Meanwhile the highly transmissible delta variant has been reported in every region of the globe in about 130 countries including Nigeria. The reasons for the fast spread of the virus according to WHO’s Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, include the fact that Delta is Variant of Concern with high transmission quality. The second factor is increased social mixing and increased social mobility, which increases the number of contacts that individuals have. The third factor is the relaxation or the inappropriate use of public health and social measures. Proven public health and social measures that we know prevent infections, reduce the spread of somebody who is infected with the virus to others and save lives. And the fourth factor is the uneven and inequitable distribution of vaccines.

In Nigeria, for example, social engagements have come back in full force with little or no regard to Covid 19 safety protocols. Also, the unavailability of the vaccine and some conspiracy myths against its inoculation are hindering the prevention of the spread of the virus

Highlights of Covid 19 prevalence in Nigeria as at August 29, 2021 however shows a downward slope as against August 27, 2021.

  • New cases 362
  • Deaths 93
  • Total confirmed cases 191345
  • Discharged 178283
  • Total deaths 2454

The 362 new cases are reported from 15 states-Lagos (200), Oyo (33), Kwara (30), Akwa Ibom (24), Ogun (17), Delta (15), Ekiti (15), Plateau (7), Rivers (7), FCT (5), Anambra (3), Edo (3), Bayelsa (1), Kaduna (1), and Kano (1)

For protection against Covid 19, adhere strictly to all safety protocols:

-Mask Up

-Wash Hands regularly

-Sanitize Hands Regularly

-Keep Safe Distance

-And above all if you are eligible for vaccination, take the jab.

Source: Dare Agbeluyi, Chief Publisher. Additional Report from Mail Online

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